About Joseph furniture


About me – In my work you can see and feel my love for engines, transmissions and drive components. And exactly from these pieces of steel I produce art. Art that you can use – furniture!
The first ideas are born with imagination and an eye for beauty. From the scrap yard through my head and my hands the assembled items are awakened to a new life as an object of art.
Motor components like crankshafts, gears, Pistons, valves, camshafts form a mechanically precisely tuned unit to move vehicles. By combining them artistically I bring them to a new function in my furniture. Everything is now linked in a new structure. Also the playful aspect is not neglected in my designs. So, unique and individual tables, lamps and candle holders are created.

Each piece of furniture is unique!-aesthetic and functional

1960 – I was born in Berlin. Due to the economic circumstances in the former GDR and the constant lack of goods, I have been educated, that each part, even if it seemed worthless, was kept, to perhaps sometime will find new use in a completely different form.

1986 – I got the opportunity to restore vintage cars in the Volvo Club Heiligenrode. Technology thrilled as I was, it fascinated and satisfied me to disassemble cars in their parts and I found a way to create first aesthetically and functionally pieces of furniture from seemingly worthless old parts.

1997 – I wanted to realize my ideas and I began out of my head to construct the first pieces of furniture from engine and transmission parts.
Every part found its place as a whole only during manufacturing.

2007 – I restored with much love and dedication vintage cars at the “Bustechnik Maniacs” in Ankershagen.
In my free time, I brought more and more furniture ideas into reality.

2012 – I started to produce and improve furniture with functional design.

2015 – I live my dream as a freelance furniture designer.


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